Sara Bryki - Certified Crystal Therapist, Animal Communicator & Soul Connection Mentor

Sara Bryki

Certified Crystal Therapist

Animal Communicator

Soul Connection Mentor


-Connection is the key!-


Hey there!  I am Sara.  

I am a Certified Crystal Therapist, Animal Communicator, Soul Connection Mentor and owner of Earth Energy Stones.  My passion and purpose is to help people build more connection in their lives through the use of stones and crystals, personal exploration and growth and facilitating a deeper understanding with their animal friends.

Why is connection so important?

Through connection, you are able to be fully present, to live in gratitude, to bring forth your unique talents and gifts, to live a deeper, richer life.  Connection, in all its forms, brings a depth and awareness to life.  Connection with your true self, with others in relationship and with animals, all help you to see not only how fulfilling life can be, but also how you can create the life you want.  

Connecting to your true self shows you your inner light and beauty, helps you to learn how to love yourself and break through fears, self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.  From this space, you can clearly see how much control you have in creating what you want out of life and enjoy the kind of experiences you are longing for!    

Connecting to others through relationship allows you to have true intimacy, welcome personal growth and gives you beautiful opportunities to learn.  From this space, you can see the benefits of vulnerability (Scary?  Yes.  Worth it?  Always!), cultivate compassion for yourself and others, and reap the benefits of partnership, friendship and family.  

Connecting with your animal friends shows you the important role they play in your life and how they help, guide and teach you everyday.  Animals connect more instinctively than humans do and remind us of the inter-connectedness of life.  They teach us the importance of love, of play and of rest.  A deeper understanding of your animal friends can strengthen and enrich the relationship you have with them.  

All of this allows you to create and live a soul-full, confident, joyous and passionate life!   


 - Joy - 

 - Confidence - 

 - Peace - 

 - Empowerment - 

 - Connection - 

 - Self Worth - 

 - Self Esteem - 

 - Self Love - 

All of these are just waiting for you to open your arms and welcome them!  

Not sure how?  I will help you to see the knowledge and information you already have within to outline your next steps. 



Let's connect and talk about next steps so you can have more of each of these in your life!

Love from Clients!

Sara was incredibly positive and encouraging while helping me through some major life decisions/changes. She was able to get me to see options I hadn’t thought of before which helped create a path to clearer thinking. Working with Sara helped me embrace the changes in my life instead of fighting them. She has been an invaluable partner in my journey and I look forward to working with her again in the future!
— Treva H.
Sara’s coaching is absolutely tremendous. From working with her, I received so much clarity through her wisdom and I was able to put into practice the processes she suggested. From that, I have had some amazing results. I know that until we release the things that are in our way, the walls we have put up around ourselves prevent us from moving forward. Since working with her, I have had some amazing breakthroughs and my life is back on track. I am enjoying life to the fullest. I realize that everybody needs a mentor and someone who can help them to see what they can’t see themselves. It is really difficult to see the solutions to the problems when you are in the problems. The frequencies are so different that you sometimes need someone else to point them out to you. Sara’s wisdom and understanding is just amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I love working with her!
— Suzi C.
Sara is a unique balance of compassionate, intuitive and analytical. Every time I work with her I have major breakthroughs. She’s able to cut through our self-made brain fog and get to the truth of our souls. Once she’s there with you, she gently, but with no-nonsense, helps you to see the paths and possibilities that your soul has been whispering to you but you couldn’t hear through the fear. Sara is also incredible intuitive with stones and crystals. I’m always amazed at the accuracy of her recommendations for crystals. The spiritual attributes of the stones she recommends always have just the properties a person needs for healing or reinforcement.
— Gina A.
Sara is so loving and shines her light so brightly! She is such a giver, and she cares so deeply. She has triumphed and she will guide you to your personal triumph too. When I worked with Sara she inspired me daily! If you are looking for a guide on your life’s journey, I would highly recommend Sara!
— Denise R.
I already knew that Sara Bryki is awesome. After going through her program I know just how awesome she is. If you are stuck anywhere in your life please contact her. She got deep into my heart and emotions and it was what I needed to heal and move forward. It will not be instant but a process. Her connection and insight was 100%. She is the real deal!
— Robbie W.
Sara is very passionate about her Soul Coaching, Crystal Therapy and mentoring. Sara’s Soul Coaching was absolutely life changing for me! Even the most spiritually in-tune, open and aware person can benefit from Sara’s empathic support and guidance. Sara takes your soul on a journey of opening and awareness to experience and be receptive to a truly abundant life. Sara intuitively feels the direction needed to command a breakthrough in anyone’s life and I witnessed this daily while working with her. From the moment I met Sara, her soul and aura connected right to the place of my soul’s discovery and she intuitively designed exercises, techniques and practices that would directly align with my journey. I recommend Sara’s coaching program and crystal therapy to anyone needing direction, life goals assistance or soul discovery support. Run! Do not walk towards registering for anything Sara offers! Her light will inspire you, her knowledge will motivate you and her presence will illuminate your soul.
— Patty R.
I have known Sara for many years and am amazed at her level of commitment, compassion and ability to connect with those around her. She is extremely gifted especially in regards to her knowledge and vibrancy with stones and crystals. Sara is able to incorporate logic with resonance to facilitate the transmission of guidance and self-discovery for others. She has provided me with insight and intuitiveness during challenging times of uncertainty. I appreciate her talent and feel she has the ability to serve all who find her on their journey!
— Jill G.
I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the coaching! After I did my “homework”, I had such amazing results and the connection I had with my boys was just what I was looking for. It is so amazing to me what happens when we make peace within and how the doors finally open after we allow them to. The next steps are clear for me and I thank you with all my heart!
— Laura H.