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Stones, Crystals & YOU!!

Join me for a highly experiential, fun and information-loaded 6 week course!

The course starts on Monday, October 23rd!


  Have you always wondered how stones and crystals work?  

Sure, they are pretty to look at, but there's more to them, right?

There definitely is!

In this course you will learn how stones and crystals work with us emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually

(yes, they really are THAT good!)


That sounds great!  

What are some ways stones and crystals can help us?

Oh, there are so many, too many to list!!  Here are just a few:

- Working through grief

- Connecting with spirit guides and your higher self

- Healing core issues/wounds

- Increasing metabolism

- Providing physical vitality and strength

- Increasing intuition and psychic abilities

- Changing negative energy to positive

- Protection from negative energy

- Breaking bad habits & addictions

- Releasing emotional baggage

- And the list goes on, and on, and on!!!!

In addition to learning how they work with us, you will also experience: 

 - How to connect with stones and crystals

 - How to use them to improve not only your energy health, but also the energy in your home

 - How to select stones and crystals

 - Methods of clearing, preparing and programming your stones and crystals

 - How to meditate with stones and crystals

- Best stones and crystals to start with

There are lots of extras as well:

 - Weekly live webinar calls with myself to ask questions and share your experiences as you work with your stones and crystals - I love getting to meet all of the crystal lovers in the course!  And don't worry, they are all recorded and posted in the Facebook community so even if you can't make the call, you will still get to hear all the good stuff that is discussed!

 - Membership in a dedicated Facebook community to provide ongoing support as you work through your modules - I will be there with you throughout the course!  

 - Free stone and crystal reference sheet to help you as you choose your next crystal or stone friend!

 - Guided meditations that will help you to determine what is the best crystal for you to work with, connect with ANY stone or crystal and identify blockages in your chakras!  These are yours to keep and continue to benefit from after the course is over!  


Want to know what is covered in the course?  Take a look!

  • Module 1 - How stones and crystals work with us!
    • In this module, you will learn how the energies of stones and crystals actually work with us and how they help us to heal
    • The exercises in this module will help you to strengthen your ability to tune in to the stones and crystals
    • You will also learn how different cultures have used stones and crystals throughout the years
  • Module 2 - How to choose stones and crystals!
    • You will learn the different methods for choosing stones and crystals
    • A guided meditation is included to help you determine the best stones/crystals for you to work with at any given time
  • Module 3 - All about clearing!
    • You will learn all of the methods of clearing your stones and crystals and why it is so important!  Not all stones/crystals can be cleared the same way so it is crucial to know which methods to use so you don't damage yours!
  • Module 4 - Using your stones and crystals!
    • This module will go through some of the many ways you can use them in your home, personally and how you can access and utilize their energies on a deeper level.  
    • A guided meditation to connect with any stone or crystal is included in this mondule!
  • Module 5 - Chakras!
    • This module will give you an overview of chakras and why they are important for working with stones and crystals.
    • You will also get lists of stones that correspond with each chakra!
    • A guided meditation to help you determine if you have any blockages in your chakras is included in this module!
  • Module 6 - Top 10 stones and crystals to have in your arsenal when starting out!
    • I will give you my top 10 recommended stones and how they will each help you as your continue your work with stones and crystals!



I should introduce myself!  

Hi!  My name is Sara Bryki and I am a Certified Crystal Therapist, Soul Connection Mentor and Self-Love Expert.  It is my passion in life to share my knowledge of stones and crystals as well as mentor people to find the connection in their lives they are searching for.  

Stones and Crystals have been such a big part of my life for the last 10 years and I have seen how beneficial they are for our personal well-being AND also the energetic well-being of our homes.  

I have designed this course to not only give you a solid foundation of working with stones and crystals, but you will have a ton of fun while doing it!  Part of why they are here to work with us is to bring joy to our lives and as long as you are open to it, I promise you will experience this during the course!

So, are YOU ready to take this 6 week stone and crystal journey with me?  

I am excited to see you there! 


Take a look at what past participants have to say about this course!!

"Really enjoyed the course especially being a newbie to stones & crystals!  Your written material was very helpful and it was good to have guides to refer to. The group talks were so nice! Interacting with other members of the group was fun & interesting. Really appreciate all the time & work you put into the course. I would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you Sara!"  - Kitty W.

"I really enjoyed this course!  I liked the videos a LOT. You have great energy and passion for working with stones and crystals and it truly comes through in the videos. The written content was very informative. I liked the meditations and have continued to do them. My favorite part were the calls. It was great to get to know everyone and be among like minded people. Biggest benefit would be to use the knowledge gained from the course to continue to make Crystals an ever evolving part of my life. I love the feel of the stones and find I am using them more and more. With the increased knowledge about the stones I have begun to use them to help all aspects of my life. This ranges from day to day protection from negative energy at work to releasing long held trauma from my childhood. I have learned to appreciate where my chakra imbalances are and to use the stones to help me get back into balance and harmony. I plan to connect with more stones and see where the journey takes me.  Thank you Sara!" - JoAnn C.

"I think the class was great! I have loved stones and crystals for so long so it was awesome to learn more about them. The weekly material was done well, I liked having the videos along with written material. I LOVED the guided meditations! So helpful for someone like me who doesn't sit still very well. :)  I feel like I already carry certain stones depending on what's going on or my feelings so adding meditation to it only enhances that. Learning to cleanse them several ways was very helpful too. I have always "charged" my stones but never really cleansed them. I have so many to do.  I enjoyed meeting everyone on the calls! Thank you Sara for a great class!"  - Toni P. 

" I enjoyed the course very much!  Loved the written materials, videos and guided meditation sessions. As a newbie, I tried to soak up all that I could!  I plan to go over everything again!  I loved learning about the stones/crystals and excited to use them BUT what I benefited the most from was the meditation.  I've had so many "light bulb moments" since mediating and I'm loving it!  I Look forward to many more of those moments!  I would certainly recommend this course!  Thank you Sara!"  - Elsa P.


Are YOU ready to see how stones and crystals can help you?  


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