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Stones, Crystals & YOU!!

Join me for a highly experiential, fun and information-loaded 6 week course!


  Have you always wondered how stones and crystals work?  

Sure, they are pretty to look at, but there's more to them, right?

There definitely is!

In this course you will learn how stones and crystals work with us emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually

(yes, they really are THAT good!)


That sounds great!  

What are some ways stones and crystals can help us?

Oh, there are so many, too many to list!!  Here are just a few:

- Working through grief

- Connecting with spirit guides and your higher self

- Healing core issues/wounds

- Increasing metabolism

- Providing physical vitality and strength

- Increasing intuition and psychic abilities

- Changing negative energy to positive

- Protection from negative energy

- Breaking bad habits & addictions

- Releasing emotional baggage

- And the list goes on, and on, and on!!!!

In addition to learning how they work with us, you will also experience: 

 - How to connect with stones and crystals

 - How to use them to improve not only your energy health, but also the energy in your home

 - How to select stones and crystals

 - Methods of clearing, preparing and programming your stones and crystals

 - How to meditate with stones and crystals

- Best stones and crystals to start with

There are lots of extras as well:

 - Weekly live webinar calls with myself to ask questions and share your experiences as you work with your stones and crystals - I love getting to meet all of the crystal lovers in the course!   

 - Membership in a dedicated Facebook community to provide ongoing support as you work through your modules - I will be there with you throughout the course!  

 - Free stone and crystal reference sheet to help you as you choose your next crystal or stone friend!

 - A guided meditation that will help you to connect with ANY stone or crystal!  You can use this method to learn what each stone has to offer and how it can help you!


I should introduce myself!  

Hi!  My name is Sara Bryki and I am a Certified Crystal Therapist, Animal Communicator and Soul Connection Mentor.  It is my passion in life to share my knowledge of stones and crystals, bridge the communication gap between humans and animals and mentor people to find the connection in their lives they are searching for.  

Stones and Crystals have been such a big part of my life for the last 10 years and I have seen how beneficial they are for our personal well-being AND also the energetic well-being of our homes.  

I have designed this course to not only give you a solid foundation for working with stones and crystals, but you will have a ton of fun while doing it!  Part of why they are here to work with us is to bring joy to our lives and as long as you are open to it, I promise you will experience this during the course!

So, are YOU ready to take this 6 week stone and crystal journey with me?  

I am excited to see you there! 



 You will get this information-loaded, super fun and

experiential course for only


 (I know!  It is a fantastic deal!)


I can't wait to see you there and get started!  

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